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We appreciate your Support, unfortunately cookies are unavailable until next fall.  But we can still use your HELP,   please go to our Donation portal so that we can help more families next holiday season, every dollar helps.  Thank you again!


For those who have learned that one container is not enough, we offer a Special Purchase package. The package, 4 individual  containers shipped to 1 address, would, if purchased individually, cost the consumer $119.96 but we offer it for just $99.96.

That is a $20.00 SAVINGS! And shipping is still FREE! So whether the additional containers are for your or if you rather give them as a gift, our bonus package is a tremendous savings. But the true bonus is the one a special family will receive because of your purchase.

Bonus Package ( (4) 1 lb containers of chocolate chip cookies)

Our cookies will stay fresh in a cool environment for at least 2 weeks. If you plan on enjoying them after 2 weeks we recommend freezing the cookies for optimal freshness.

FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the contiguous United States through the United Parcel Service. (UPS) 

Please allow 3 business days for your order to be processed




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