A Little Change Goes A Long Way

Baking up a Special Partnership

“Would you like to round up your change for Baking Memories 4 Kids?”, a simple question with an amazing purpose.

The question has been said hundreds of times by Panera Bread Café members across the country. And their customers’ answers have been a resounding, “Yes!”.

Beginning in 2013, several franchises of Panera Bread have been hosting a “Change 4 Children” fundraiser within their Café’s. By just rounding up their orders to the nearest dollar, Panera Bread guests can help give an area family a trip of a lifetime.

In 6 years’, time, those pennies, nickels and dimes have raised almost 1 million dollars for families in need of some rest and relaxation away from the world of doctors, hospitals and medical bills.

And these families are not strangers, they are neighbors, friends, co-workers, members of their own community whose strength and courage have inspired these donors to contribute in making their lives a little fuller.

Thanks to the generosity of these communities Baking Memories 4 Kids has changed the lives of 65 families and counting. Everyday children, with life threatening illness and their families are holding close to their hearts the amazing memories that were created because of a little change.